Self Study


For those who are unable to gather as part of a group, you can still follow the same process that we have done in the silence of your own home.

We suggest the following:

* Print out Our Vision so you can read and reread it as you like, absorbing the words that was given to our dear Solana.

* Download and listen to Our Vision.

* As a group we came up with 6 areas which we believe make up our world. However we realise that everyones soul is different and everyone has their own belief systems, culture and ideals. So spend time deciding on what 6 areas you want to contemplate.

* Why only 6 points/areas? – The 6 pointed star, the Star of David, the Merkabah or whatever you choose to call it is a part of many religions, cultures and art. It provided us with sense of purpose and something to focus on as we built Our Vision.

* Draw your own 6 pointed star, print out our version or build a crystal grid upon your own alter ~ we suggest having some form of physical representation of the 6 pointed star to help keep you focused.

* Think and meditate with intention upon each of the areas, asking yourself what was in the past, what is happening now and what do you want in the future. For example. When you think about the first point “The Earth” – ask yourself what did the earth look like in the past, what does it look like now and what do you WANT it to look like in the future.

* Write down your thoughts and any intuitive understandings you might have received while you meditated. Keep these all in one journal so you have a reference as you build your new vision over the 6 points.

* Please share your thoughts with friends and feel free to send any of your ideas to us via the Contact page. We would love to hear from others around the world.

On a final note: You do not have to complete the 6 points of study if you do not want to. If you simply want to help us HOLD this Vision then print out or download our recording and listen to it each morning/night or whenever it feels right for you. Help us See and Feel our new vision so we can create this Future.

Image Artist ~ Josephine Wall
This painting is called Starscape ~ I look at this beautiful painting and I see the power of one persons thoughts and intentions. I see true connection to everything if we dare to dream it into our lives.