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Shining Vision for the Future

This Vision is Divine Truth and your Soul knows this.
Every Cell in your body knows this,
and so the more it is reinforced the more you will embody it –
your cells will vibrate with this Truth and you will radiate it to all you come in contact with.  Little by little, without a word, you will begin to change your world.

The more you read, listen to or meditate on this Vision  – the more it will become your reality.   You will begin to be shown Humanity at its very best – acting in love, compassion, caring and helpfulness toward one another.

Being ‘Hu-Man‘ – ‘Hu’  meaning ‘God‘ and ‘Man‘ meaning ‘To Think‘ – Beings who ‘Think as God’.

You will still see ‘the lower vibratory games’, but they will lose any power to affect your emotions, you will see them for what they are – ‘out of balance energies being brought into the Light to be healed’ and a cause for celebration, as we can not heal that which remains hidden Within and Without.

Our most important role is to Heal Ourselves and Be at Peace
“There will be Peace on Earth when there is Peace in Our Hearts”.

When we heal ourselves, that which is playing out around us has nothing to hook onto, you won’t be emotionally affected and will quickly respond from your Heart.

You will be ‘Love in Action

‘How’ this Vision comes about is not our concern, our role is to Hold the Dream –
Dream the Dream – Live the Dream – Be the Dream.

See it, Feel it, Hear it, Smell it

Know it Absolutely – without a doubt – in every fibre of your Being – and it will happen … IT IS HAPPENING!

And so, I invite you to make yourself comfortable and share our Vision. Open your Heart and Embrace the Beauty & Truth of these words.

May every cell of your Being Dance in Joy and Radiate this to All
May Peace Be With You

Artist ~ Josephine Wall

‘Our Shining Vision for the Future’

I see a world where every man, woman and child lives in Freedom, Safety and Peace, on all levels; in all aspects of life.

There is Peace between Nations, Countries, States & Territories; Cities, Towns & Villages; between Neighbours, Families, Parents & Children, Brothers and Sisters; between All Races, Nationalities & Cultures.

A World that is tolerant, patient and understanding.
Where our differences are celebrated as a source of learning and unite us. Where it is recognised that we are all truly equal and there is true equality – no matter the colour of our skin, our race, gender, religion, beliefs or employment.

  A World free from prejudice, intolerance, greed, avarice, envy and malice; free from excess & extremism in all their forms. Where being Human is celebrated and honoured and humanity strives to be the best version of itself  that it can.

A world which recognises that we all come from “The Great Creator of All Creation” – in whatever form that takes for each of us and where all Religions are Spiritually focused and work together to Honour Being Human  and to Honour The Divine.

A World in which all Governments work together for the good of the people – where Fair Trade is enacted world-wide; where those who have plenty – be it goods, knowledge or ability – give assistance & support to those who need it, so that humanity works together bringing out the best in each other and that which they have to offer the world.

I see a world where all forms of medicine work together – Western, Eastern, Traditional, Alternative, Esoteric, Metaphysical … where a truly holistic approach is taken, and the focus is on creating and maintaining maximum health and well-being on all levels, and the prevention of dis-ease.

Where pharmaceutical companies are now honouring their original purpose of helping the populace to maintain good health; whilst providing support and research for the Health of Humanity.

I see a world where education is freely available and accessible to all, and now focuses as much on spirituality, ethics, morals, philosophy and the arts as it does on maths, spelling and grammar.

Where modern science includes such things as the use of crystals, sound, colour and vibration, and is taught alongside ancient wisdom’s whilst incorporating technology.

A world where technology is tempered with spirituality and is used in appropriate ways.

A world where Humanity lives and acts in Humility and Honour; Integrity and Respect.

A World where all children are wanted, loved, cherished, nurtured and respected for the grand souls that they are. Where every child has a loving home, nourishing food and clean water.

A World that honours Mother Earth and all Her Kingdoms, seen & unseen – Animal, Mineral, Plant, Elemental – where all are respected and protected.

A World that recognises that water is precious and sacred, and is also respected and protected.

A World in which Humanity is redressing the mistakes and mistreatment of the past – never to be repeated again.

A World in which the social institutions have all been brought into balance and exist for the good of all – in honesty and integrity. Where business is conducted ethically and for the good of all.

A world where the use of fossil fuels and chemicals is ‘but a memory’ – and mining of the Earth for those minerals, crystals and elements that are required is conducted gently, with respect and honour. Where our energy requirements are clean, green and free to all.

I see a World that is Clean, Peaceful and Filled with Love, Joy and Harmony –  where the beauty of the Planet that God created for us is Recognised, Honoured  and Celebrated.

A World that embraces and lives by ‘Divine Right Action’. Where Humanity is Grateful and Humbled to be “God’s Greatest Creation” and living on “The Most Beautiful Planet in the Universe”.

A World where Hearts Sing, overflowing with Joy at the Love and Beauty that surrounds us.
I see a World – that is indeed – Heaven on Earth.

So Be It, It Is Done, And So It Is.

I Give Thanks, I Give Thanks, I Give Thanks.

Blessed Be My Friends Blessed Be

Written by Solana
© 2016

Image Artist ~ Barb Suttie
Barb specifically requested this image be used and we feel honoured to place it here. May our light spread just like the light that touches Wollumbin first each morning.