Group Study

We encourage other groups around the world to gather together and discuss this Vision for the future. You can choose to discuss the same 6 topics we did or you can spend time coming up with your own points.

If you like the process we have gone through then we suggest the following:

* Print out Our Vision so you can read out loud to the group.

* Download and listen to Our Vision. Either within the group or individually each morning so we all hold the vision together.

* Draw your own 6 pointed star, print out our version or build a crystal grid upon your own alter ~ we suggest having some form of physical representation of the 6 pointed star to help keep you focused.

* The 6 areas of discussion are: The Earth, Humanity & Life, Culture & Heritage, Water Food & Wellbeing, Community & Communication and Science & Technology.

* Gather regularly to discuss one of the points, we gathered once a week for 8 weeks. We had a introduction day, 6 weeks covering the 6 points and a day concluding everything and stating our vision. Please share your insights with us by emailing us via the contact page.

Image Artist ~ Gaia Orion
This painting is called Weaving Her Journey and it was chosen because it shows the power of one individual becoming connected to the whole. We all threads in a grand cosmic weaving and we all have the power to affect our design.