About Us

The Goddesses of Shining Light, are a strong group of women who gather together in the Northern Rivers, a lush caldera nestled around Wollumbin (Mt Warning) a large mountain which catches the first rays of light to shine upon Australia each morning.

From this region the Light Spreads across Australia and then moves on around the world.

Light workers throughout the world have become aware they have a mission, to hold the Light. Only by strengthening the Light can we hold back the darkness which is overshadowing our beautiful planet with so many changes, fears and terror.

The Goddesses have recently gathered to bring forth a vision for our future world. A vision of Light, Love and Harmony to become a part of the mass consciousness.

It is our hope that other groups around the world also hold their own gatherings, they read and listen to our vision and start to ask the question “What future do you want?


Group Photo ~ Goddesses of Shining Light Dancing
Image Artist ~ Lancia
The Shining PresenceĀ