6 ~ Science & Technology

 We have expanded our capacity in both areas far beyond what we could have dreamed long ago. Many people today would not be alive without these advances.

One of the greatest advances is the use of satellites. There are now huge numbers of them around the planet. In terms of communication, they have brought about the global village that Marshall McLuhan predicted in the early sixties. We could postulate that that is now where the power is.

When we had achieved the telegraph, the telephone and the internet, scientists declared that we were at the peak of scientific development to do with matter. Next must come the abstract.

We have now reached a point of channeling material energy – that is, bringing free energy into physical manifestation.

Every so often science catches up with what the mystics have always known, e.g. announcing that trees can communicate with each other through their root systems.

It has now been confirmed in many ways that Source energy is Love.

How can Goddess energy change the destructive aspects of technology? We invite you to ponder these points:

One important way is by nurturing and training the young in ways to cope with technology and science, so they will be able to adapt to the pace of change. That pace is so rapid that teachers nowadays cannot know what specific jobs they need to train children for. Training in thinking, particularly in non-linear and philosophical ways, becomes even more important.

Our indigenous people still practice what in this locality is called Dadirri – a very deep listening, not only to other people but to all that is around us. If you observe animals, you may discern that they appear to do this too. Perhaps it was natural to all of us once, but has been largely lost with the development of other ways of gaining and storing information. It could be a useful skill to regain.

We need to be one with the earth and other life forms, for our own sakes. It is worth remembering that our present practices are not in danger of destroying the earth, but ourselves and other living beings.

There are religious and spiritual traditions which take account of these other life forms, e.g. the ending to prayer: ‘… as all sentient beings’ or, as the Native Americans say, ‘… all my relations’ (meaning trees, animals, birds, etc). The Tibetan ‘Om mane padme hum’ is another way of saying this.

It was in the 16th Century that science separated from religion. The split is quite recent between the ‘rational’ and the messages of the Universe. Interestingly enough, it is the rational which is now bringing us back to a fuller awareness, via the quantum physicists.

As representatives of the Goddess energy, we wish to make available our central vision, channeled by Solana, for the mass consciousness of all light workers.  Meditation, intention and group focus form a very ancient technology which is being more and more widely rediscovered and renewed.

We have also created visions for different, specific areas of life.

In terms of Science and Technology our visions are:

  • A world where Science fully understands and reveals that our Source energy is Love; a world where Technology is used to honour our planet and all living beings instead of being used destructively – a world where we all understand the necessity for this, as well as how to bring it about unerringly; a world where we are fully conscious of our oneness with the earth and all life forms.
  • A new, non-linear Science that takes into account the heart and both sides of the brain; and which understands the ways to bring them together.
  • Children being trained in emotional and intuitive intelligence, in discrimination, flexibility, resilience and balance, and in knowing their own power to shape their days.
  • People moving from the old energy of greed and possession, into the new energy of inner awareness.
  • The use of inner technology – nurturing in kind; and using the method of group focus – to bring about a better world for all, in both immediately personal and vastly abstract terms.

We are free to explore the fantasy. Released from preconceived notions, we soar.