5 ~ Community & Communication

        From John 1 in the Bible

 “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God.  All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made.”

         Once when the world was young, no one knew how to talk, no words.  Early humans could only grunt.  Then the sound and pitch of the grunt would alter, eg. when in danger.

         Sound became important, then people watched and imitated the birds, seeing that they could communicate with each other.  Sounds became simple words by which people could work together, to hunt, to build, to co-operate, to express feelings and ideas.

         Words formed differently in wide spread families and tribes, but meanings were what was shared and groups could come together.

Thus communities grew and soon humans knew the power in the word.
The power of harmony or dis-harmony.

Soon words were written down and recorded.  World his-story was written by the powerful men and favoured the winners.

         Her-story was not thought important, but at the same time the Goddess energy held communities together.

         Now we have an international community where someone anywhere can communicate with anyone anywhere.  The Internet has become the collective consciousness of the planet.

         Within this global village many values of past communities are being lost.  When we had smaller towns and tribal systems the community was responsible for the good of all in the group.  There was always someone to relate to and the well-being of the community was more important than the concerns of the individual.  This has been seen over and over again when in times of disaster the people work together for the good of all.  A leader always comes to the fore, a strong person who represents the goal of the group,

         Now we have groups formed with common interests, but this has expanded with the use of social media and the internet.

         Within these groups there is not the same sense of belonging that has existed in the past.

         Groups that were based on occupation where one identified with what one did.  In years gone by there were Guilds which were skill based; these Guilds kept skills alive and passed skills on to new members, it was important in all creative fields.

         Community minded people can now contact each other easily and volunteering is a way many people work together for the good of all.

         There are however too many rules which block the energy in many areas.  There is excess recording of tasks, G.P.S. following peoples movements and even children’s activities are monitored from early years.  This is dis-empowering and the lack of flexibility causes stress.

         The media seems to be only reporting what they want us to hear and news is propaganda.  We need to face the duality, but we don’t hear or see enough good news to create a balance.

Some points we discussed were:

         *As reported by one of our Goddesses who lived for years in Bolivia, 144 spiritual business men worked together for 20 years.  They met regularly discussing what they could do as a solid group to help others.  They have given the Earth legal rights while honouring “Pachamama”.
(“The Pachamama Alliance” – www.pachamama.org)

*Good news and ideas need to be shared.

*Canada has banned fracking all over and has given the OK to grow your own pot.  The leader, Justin Trudeau, is a spiritually minded man and we need more leaders like him to come forth.

*We know that ethical business and investment is increasing but we are not told about it, good news does not sell.

*A Golden Age is coming, the LIGHT will get stronger,
but there will always be a shadow.

*All is cyclic, the darkness has to come out before healing can occur.

*In the process of global evolution we are becoming more heart oriented, we can find “the mind of the heart” keeping the positive above the negative.

*What we focus on we attract.

*Back in the 1970’s there was a great vision for communities based on PEACE and LOVE.  Now groups have evolved with a worldwide spiritual connection.

*Our action is visualisation, instead of physical action, we are tuning into collective consciousness.

*Online it is easy for 1000 or more to come together with the energy of the heart. A heart this size can create a tsunami of LOVE.