4 ~ Water, Food & Wellbeing

In the ancient wisdom of Genesis in the Bible
God separated the sky and the ocean, then the land from the sea.

Our amazing planet shines blue, because of its surface water, the colour of the oceans reflecting through the atmosphere as the blue of the sky.  Only this year 2016 another planet has been discovered shining with the blue of surface water, however this planet is thousands of light years away.

It is estimated that 70% of the Earth’s surface is water and 70% of our human body is water.  This seems to give us a bond with Mother Earth.

The Earth has always had the same amount of water.  It constantly changes, moving through the natural cycle, evaporation, condensation and precipitation.
This cleans water and allows it to move around the Earth.
The heat of the Sun powers this cycle.

“Every raindrop catches the Light of God and brings it as a Blessing to the Earth.”        

Where did all the water come from?  Some say it was part of the mixture of the elements forming the planet.  Others say it came from space.  Water still comes from outer space, tons of it each year, sourced from asteroids and comets.

The original Australians believe that water came from the stars; they say – “We are water people.” 

In the sacred text of the “Vedas”, there is a river that travels through the Universe.
Water carries the Life Force, without it there is no life.

Plants developed before humanity and animals because water carries pure life force.  Plants, Animals and Humans all live because of water.

Although 70% of the Earth is covered in water, only 1% of this can be used for drinking.  Saving water and protecting our rivers is important for all life.  Desalination of sea water is becoming very efficient and will be more needed in the future.

Pure water, and food plants grown with pure water are the best source of life energy for humans.  Organic farming is increasing and more people are changing to using organic fruit and vegetables.

Water has a memory and can respond to our emotions, so meals prepared with Love hold more than we know for our bodies.
Food presented with Love and Gratitude gives us abundant health.

Wellbeing is a state of consciousness requiring more than good food and water.

Some thoughts on what contributes to wellbeing:

Being grateful for all our gifts
Sharing with others
Fostering your creativity
Exercise that you enjoy
To Love and to be Loved
Forgiveness of self and of others
Music & Dance
Quiet times
Anticipation of the Future