3 ~ Culture & Heritage

         A vision of the New World starts with myself.
I am who I am through the culture given to me by those who passed before me, in the branch of the human family I was born into. I am a part of the greater family of all Humankind.

The interconnection, one human to another, is not bound to material things; all are equal as spirit touches spirit.

Ancient Vedic wisdom has a word to explain Brahamin, meaning we will come to understand the complete concept of connectedness. We will know, Loving and caring relationships through connections of Spirit.

In ancient Chinese culture Harmony is achieved by 3 teachings working together.
Confucianism – How to live in society.
Taoism – The environment and energy we live in.
Ancestor Worship – Paying respect in gratitude for what the Ancestors have passed on.

Indigenous Australians, the most ancient living culture on Earth, have a word for their teaching about connectedness being the caring and responsibility that underpins aboriginal life.  The word ‘KANYINI’, covers 4 ideals.

NGURA – a sense of belonging to home and the land.
WALYTJA – Kinship
KURUMPA – Connection to spirit and soul, spirituality.
TJUKURRPA – Knowledge of creation or dreaming and the right way to live.

The Buddhist doctrine sets out a way to live based on 4 noble truths and the eight fold path.  By following these teachings one reaches Nirvana. This is a condition of Love, Peace and The End of Suffering.

Christians follow the teaching of Jesus to achieve salvation. The new commandments given by Jesus, “Love One and Other,” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” are about connectedness.  Christians aspire to embody the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Culture provides the environment in which to grow, this being the meaning of the word, even when used for the scientific medium in which to grow bacteria.

Each culture has arisen from a source belief, but has been distorted and corrupted over time.  We must find our own truth and hold respect for all life.

Some of Our Truths:

*We live in a holographic universe.  We are connected by a web or a net where everything is influencing everything else.

*The world needs its cultures to survive, as culture finds the interconnections where all are equal.

*Heritage is the physical manifestation of your culture and values, wherever you came from.

*We have progressed from tribes and extended families to the nuclear family or just one walking alone.  Although we have fragmented Culture and Heritage, our heart and spirit leans toward one.

*In our vision of the future world, people from all Cultures and Heritage will be living closer together.  Immigration and easy travel has crossed all borders.

*Recognising and Respecting common values, beliefs and ideals will allow harmony and unconditional Love to carry us all forward.