2 ~ Humanity & Life

The last lines of The Invocation by White Eagle

“May the LIGHT of Christ illumine my understanding
and the understanding of all,
bringing true vision and awareness of the eternal life,
and of the LIGHT within all mankind.”

         Life is eternal and science is still working back and back, through millions of years to find where life began – when and where humans began and evolved.

The word “Human” is a beautiful connection with the Source.
“Hu” means God and “Man” means mind, or to think.
This thinking man is still evolving and has spread all over the Earth.

         Looking into the past there is a blank in the fossil records; a blank of some 10,000,000 years prior to 5,000,000 years ago.

         This means we do not have a direct line from the animal ape or chimpanzee to modern man.  Our physical differences e.g. the arch of the foot and the grip of the hand – these along with our mental abilities have put us apart from the animals and a little lower than the Angels.

         Somehow the LIGHT of understanding started humans on the road to ascension, and civilisation took over after the last Ice Age.

         With each step forward, humanity is evolving, along with all life forms on Earth; we are now conscious that we are all part of the whole web of life.

         Biophillia is a word meaning Love of Life or living systems.  It describes The connections that human beings sub-consciously seek with the rest of life. Each of us is a cell in the body called humanity.  We are being guided by a hierarchy of Ascended Masters, Angels and Devas, working collectively toward the perfection of this world.

         Being human, we have developed abilities and technologies that are now endangering all life on this planet and threatening our very existence.  Only humans can make the choices to help ourselves and, all life sharing the Earth with us.  When we realise that humans are the only life form that has killed so many of their own, we must question our very existence.

The Male/Female balance has been overturned, when the Mother is helpless to protect her begotten.

Allowing the return of the Divine Mother into the hearts of men would see a blooming of compassion for all life and redirect the urge to destruction.