1 ~ The Earth

The Earth
As it was – As it is – As it could be

          As it was ~ In the beginning, planet Earth became Earth Mother.

Out of the cloud of cosmic gas, rocks formed solid matter from the elements.  Two rocks fused together, just as the sperm and the ovum unite in the womb of the mother.  More rocks, more elements, grew the planet, just as a foetus grows in the womb of the mother, until the blue planet was born.

The Earth evolved circling the Sun, the LIGHT, and through unimagined time, Mother Earth was able to produce the miracle of LIFE.

The Garden of Eden came into being only after millions of years of changes, upheavals of land forms and climate.  Many species of plant and animal life flourished and were destroyed. However Life is an eternal force and with Mother Earth’s upbringing, this world became a beautiful balance of natural creation.

Human intervention has complicated the natural balance and only human intelligence and abilities can work to restore the harmony and heal Mother Earth.

As it is ~ Before the age of the industrial revolution Mother Earth wore a well designed garment.  A patchwork of many greens, browns, gold and reds.  Highlights formed by snow and ice and bordered by the blues of the oceans.

Now if we could fly over the Earth on the wings of an Eagle, with an eagle’s eye, we would see that garment tattered.  Great swathes of the Earth have been laid bare by mining.  Mighty forests cleared of ancient trees and the Earth left open to the sun.  Cities of concrete and steel cover what were Mother Earth’s most attractive gardens.  Flying over the oceans, we see great whirlpools of rubbish gathering into artificial islands, changing the currents below the surface.

But Humans are not Eagles and are blind to what they don’t want to see.

We had an old song, a hymn, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.  Even now, as we remember the words, this is what we see.  However the media is bringing the ugly pictures into our homes, creating the darkness of the fear we feel for the future of our children’s world.

As it could be ~ Things are changing and we can make choices which will help Mother Earth and redress the mistakes Humans have made to this point in time.

Focus on the negative makes the Earth dense.  Positive thought and action brings in the LIGHT and Mother Earth is powerful beyond measure.  Regeneration is her eternal tool.

One of our favourite stories is ‘The Secret Garden’.  A wonderful story of a garden left desolate, but with the actions of loving children tending it in secret, it bloomed in ‘Showers of Roses’ and new life.

Intention can become a powerful weapon.  Let us look for the lessons in the ancient wisdom, in our nursery rhymes, in the spiritual teachings.

Let us reconnect our consciousness with nature and interact with the Earth herself instead of the second-hand visions on the TV screen.  A fault line is created when humanity loses its connection with nature.

Our thought patterns create the next pattern.  Like the “100 monkey” theory human thoughts spread ideas, as more people switch the light on.

We are all conduits and once we switch on, the power comes through.  There has been a huge shift recently as more people are thinking the same thoughts and are joining into like minded groups.

Imagination is a telescope in time.  We can look forward to the future or back into the past.  Anticipating what is to come can spark change.

We don’t respect Mother Earth without respecting ourselves.  We need to honour our physical self, our animal self and our place on the Earth.

I am today where my thoughts have brought me, and I will be tomorrow, where my thoughts take me.

Humans have always been the most adaptable of the life forms on the planet.
The only way to survive change is to adapt.

We are a mosaic of special gifts,
gifts we can share to co-create with Mother Earth a brighter future for all.