The Goddesses of Shining Light have recently gathered to create a vision of how we would like to see our future. One of our group wrote a beautiful vision and we spent weeks discussing and building upon her words. We decided to create this website so we could share this new vision with the world.

It is our greatest hope that you listen or read our vision and if it calls to you, than please add it into your regular spiritual or meditation practice. Together we will bring this new vision into our monthly meetings and as individuals we will listen to it daily.

Our aim is to add this vision into the Global Consciousness and to have as many people as possible holding this vision for our Future.

Please click here to Listen to Our Vision
You can download your own copy by clicking on the 3 dots … and selecting download.

Image Artist ~Barb Suttie
Barb is a local artist who is known for her amazing paintings of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) our sacred mountain here in Australia.